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The venerated grey haired “senior citizen” teacher is just waking up in Oita (on the island of Kuyushi). The venerated teacher’s wife – golden Lotus – is full of energy after yesterdays bout with Hiroshima’s “casual” cooking (as Tokio calls it). It’s all go and again I won’t be allowed to carry anything as venerated teachers just aren’t allowed to exhaust themselves! I must say I could easily get use to this but Jo told me to not dream on!

Last night was a lovely concert in the Brick Block club that is right on the seaside. My audience seems to be ranging from all ages and I’m even picking up a younger generation then usual (see the attached photo).

After the concert we went out to eat with some of the audience. Basically it was more to drink toasts and let them have more time to take photos and shake hands – with – you guessed it – the venerated old guitar master. One of our group was a man in a wheelchair and of course the place picked was up two narrow flights of stairs. A real Larry David scene. Jo mentioned to Tokio that it would be rather difficult if not impossible for the wheelchair to get up the stairs. At first Tokio said he could carry the man but we said it would make the guy loose face. So it was decided at that point to find a different eating place on the ground floor level. We started to walk and I said jokingly to Tokio “What the fuck” (like Dexter’s sister). He asked what this meant and we told him the context and that it was a funny phrase if said at the right moment. WELL!!!! from that moment on Tokio kept saying “What the fucka” to almost everything and we were in stiches.

Today we have rented a van for us and Tokio and Haruko. Of course Jo will handle all the driving as we explore the coast and then head in to the mountain. We will stay at an old classic inn tonight that is a gift to us from this well known doctor in Oita. He is apparently very famous and the Inn is owned by his hospital. If you are imagining a very dignified grey haired doctor then revamp your picture to a small, pony tailed, dressed in motorcycle leather mid 40s man. Very interesting and our stay in the Inn should be a laugh.

I was out by 7am to get Jo’s Grande Cappuccino and chocolate chip scone (heated) at the local Starbucks and then I went to have a Japanese breakfast. I went with the salmon, miso soup, sea weed, some other things that I have no idea what they could be. Seating next to me was a Japanese business man who had gone with sunnyside eggs and ham (plus all the other stuff). I was eager to see how he would eat the eggs with chopsticks but before I could wink the eggs had been devoured.

We have three days of exploring Kuyushi before the next four concerts back up North. We will be going high in the mountains to a volcanic national park. Finally I’ll be able to wear some of the warm clothing I packed!

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