Country Blues Guitar is my love.

Old recordings from the 1920s of legendary bluesmen are my menu. Transcribing these arrangements has been a challenge and over the last many, many decades I have tried to play as well as teach the style and techniques that I learnt first hand from Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Bukka White, Skip James, Fred McDowell and others.

Today with the web I can communicate these ideas via video as well
as with words. In this column I hope to present Country Blues tunes that
will excite your ears and tickle your fingers. Let’s correspond with both.

I look forward to you audio and video comments.La chitarra country blues è il mio amore

Le vecchie registrazioni degli anni venti dei leggendari bluesman sono il mio pane quotidiano. Trascrivere questi arrangiamenti ha rappresentato una sfida, e per decenni e decenni fino a oggi ho provato a suonare e ad insegnare lo stile e le tecniche apprese direttamente da Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Bukka White, Skip James, Fred McDowell e tanti altri.

Oggi grazie al web posso comunicare queste idee con le parole e con le immagini video. In questo blog spero di presentare brani di country blues capaci di stuzzicare le vostre orecchie e stimolare le vostre dita.

Restiamo in contatto in entrambi i modi.
Attendo i vostri commenti audio e video.

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    Francesco Bucci

    Dear Stefan,
    late in my life I approached the world of fingerstyle guitar, after decades of acoustic/electric strumming. You were my starting point, a smiling face from wonderful books opening up all kinds of possibilities. I haven’t become so good as I hoped to, but (with so many stops and gos) I’m still trying (I am 48 now!)and you are always one of my basic references.
    Thanks for all.

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    terra acustica

    great Grossmann.
    Without you, the most of italian fingerpickers
    wouldn’t exist.
    I learn to play and then I tought to play in this style to other persons with your fingerpicking guitar method.
    I have never forgotten the precious teachers.
    Thanks a lot.
    good life.

  3. Avatar

    Hello Stefan,
    it’s Davide Citrolo I met you and a very young Reno, in Palermo on 1981 at my home before your concert at “Festa de L’unità” maybe you remember my mother’s “pasta con le sarde” more than me , l’m living in Rome and l’m still a fingerpicker , anyways I would like to say to you hello and thanks a lot for your works as teacher, ciao


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    Dear Stefan,
    I am Stefano Vessicchio, I was your student in 1979-1985 (Frascati e Monte Porzio Catone, remember Virginio and Brigitte, my friends). I always in my heart the moments spent studying the guitar with you. For me you are and you’ll be the greatest guitarist. These days I’m playing two memorable songs of Steve Mann, I’ve learned from your lessons. I am very happy to see you here!!!!

    Stefano Vessicchio

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    This is going to be the umpteenth time you hear this, but Bermuda Triangle Exit was the tune that started my interest in acoustic music. My deepest thanks to you and welcome to this beautiful community.

    Fulvio aka sammy

  6. nonny guitar
    nonny guitar

    Hi, Stefan!
    It’s a pleasure to have you here among us.
    And it’s really nice to meet you… again!
    My name is Alfonso Giardino and I was a pupil of yours back in 1983. My two friends and I came from Naples by car (very little… with 3 guitars into…) to meet you in Monte Porzio Catone. We met there also a friend of yours, a young slim longhair italian guitarist, Reno Brandoni!
    Life is strange!
    So… welcome back in Italy, Stefan!

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    hello Stefan,
    I’m Maurizio and I began to play seriously this instrument when I known somedody that has been a very good friend of mine. He is Luigi Ruffini and has been your student when you where close to Rome.
    Unlikely he is not anymore with us (he died for a cancer on his brain few years ago) but i’m relly sure, that if he were still alive, he wonted to say you hi and remind with you your experience of that period. I hope to have not disturbed you with this and I, obviously, if I can, really want to welcome you between us; thanking Reno to have permitted this I would like to say also that your presence here is relly an honor for us. thaks again Maurizio

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    Stefan, it’s a pleasure to share this pages with musicians like you. All the best from Rome.

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